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Any Mac users out there who don't already have the MacHeist bundle?
The last locked apps have now been unlocked; so if you were waiting to get the bundle, it's probably worth getting it now. As well as the 14 apps for $39, you can spam all your friends on Twitter and thereby get two more apps free including the stonking Delicious Library 2. (There is of course nothing stopping you creating a special Twitter account just for this -- but I think MacHeist is such a good deal I actually want to make sure all my Mac-using friends have got it). There's only a bit over 24 hours to go. NB: their server is getting a mite hammered at the moment.

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WTF? I thought that the twitter spam was stealth - assumed that something in the bundle asked for your details and at that point sent it out. I didn't know they were giving you an incentive to act like a prick. That's really ill advised marketing. So great, there's a good deal there for Mac users, but most of those who see your spam will either already know or not give a damn and get an identical piece of junk several times in their twitter stream. If you actually want to spread the word, fine, go ahead - make posts like this one, don't send me some crappy over-excited drone tweet that tells me sod all about what the software is apart from what a great price reduction it has undergone.

I thought long and hard about whether to post the tweets in my own twitter feed, and concluded that they were substantially less dull than a lot of the stuff in the feed, so went ahead. I would I think have preferred something that said 'tweet about the bundle and use such and such a hashtag so we know you've done it' rather than 'post this exact string of text'. But I'm not really that fussed.

I have several friends on twitter who have, for example, posted fifty tweets in a day about a conference they are at which I have no interest in, that sort of thing. I have (I know I keep using this example) a friend who tweets the number of eggs her chickens lay every day. I really don't think this is in the same league.

Re: tweets by the way. The radio 2 website looks very pretty but doesn't appear to link into the folk and acoustic microsite. The microsite is still all there, with a mix of old and new design elements. As long as the virtual session stays, I'm not bothered about anything else, mind...

I don't especially care so much that it's dull. I have two problems with it - 1: it purports to be from you when it's not really your words, 2: I get the *exact* same thing from various other people. I think I got about 8 or 9 copies but I don't follow that many people. If this actually works as a campaign strategy and others jump on board then that's just going to get worse. It's spam. I'm sure you get dull emails from time to time, but would you happily spam your address book for personal gain if a company asked you to? As far as I'm concerned it's the same thing.

Regarding R2, I suspect it may not be linked back to as it's not been redesigned to fit - there's a good chance a new version will appear on the /live-music or /events area of the site as new stuff comes up. On the other hand it could be just that the content producers have been very limited in their time for importing content as we were still building parts of it while they were trying to migrate content across. Some areas turned out to be different to what the initial requirements wanted and weren't ready to be populated in time, so there's some small chance that older stuff will continue to be migrated.

Actually, I get about half a dozen emails a day from Facebook where people clearly *have* spammed their entire address book, not counting all the blatant commercial messages in the facebook feed, of which their are many. I think blog and update posts are entirely different from email in that regard. MacHeist did 2 tweets. The first time they weren't selling anything; it was a promo -- come and play the game and get x free; and they say that they had very few complaints. The second time they were selling the bundle (and in fact you had to have bought the bundle to do the tweet); there's been about 35000 tweets. I think on the whole they think it's a success -- I don't know what that means for future tweety marketing though and I agree that it's a risk. Mind you, wouldn't be MacHeist if they didn't seriously piss people off at some point -- they've managed to do so every year so far, in a wide variety of different ways.

Actually, I get about half a dozen emails a day from Facebook where people clearly *have* spammed their entire address book

Yes, but they're probably mostly from idiots who don't know any better. I get constant ridiculous forwards from people like my sister in law - the stuff that claims they'll get M&S vouchers for forwarding the messages to enough people and so on. So you ignore them or you try to educate them and you move on. It's a bit much when the intelligent, net-savvy people are prepared to engage in such bad behaviour for personal gain. Spam is not a good thing. Identical uninvited unblockable messages are spam, whether they're in email, Facebook feeds or Twitter feeds.

I would I think have preferred something that said 'tweet about the bundle and use such and such a hashtag so we know you've done it' rather than 'post this exact string of text'.

I would much have preferred this, because I got the exact same message half a dozen times and to be honest it put me off buying the bundle because I don't want to help a company who are encouraging people to spam their twitter feeds.

(Deleted comment)
Possibly risky, you're right.

Well, I've done it, so I'll see how many of my friends now hate me.

Looks like MacHeist have met their target so all the software is unlocked, and I'll be upgrading to Leopard sometime after Easter so I can use what I've bought. I've already got Delicious Library 1 and the predecessor to Wire Tap Studio, but there's too much out there for Leopard only...

I must just be a closet sociopath.

I few Twitter as a write-only medium (I don't follow anyone's tweets, and I only signed up to make sure that noone else got my preferred username), and Twitter has such a low signal:noise ratio that I assumed that people either wouldn't care about the spam, or wouldn't see it i nthe rest of the drivel.

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