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More stuff about Plokta.con
As drplokta says, please let us know if you're coming to <plokta.con> but haven't got round to joining us.

We're also twittering; follow @ploktacon and tag #plokta to find out what we're up to.

The con is 23-25 May in Sunningdale Park, Sunningdale, Berks (a train ride out of Waterloo, quite close to Heathrow), and our guests are Diana Wynne Jones on Saturday and Paul Cornell on Sunday.

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Mr cataclysm is confined to base for the weekend because he's on one hour response 24/7 call over bank holiday weekend. I may still turn up if anyone wants to share a room with me

Hmm. Ang maybe? I'm sure someone mentioned that they were looking for a roomie.

Still trying to get around to thinking about it. Will try to make a decision in the next day or two.

It would be fantastic to see you!

I will definitely be there from Sunday. I'm waiting to get paid so I can afford to join. Eastercon wiped me out.

I know the feeling. Glad you can get there from Sunday. Bring photos from Saturday so that people at the con can see them!

How does it work, membership-wise, if I (and a friend) can only make the Sunday? Is there a day rate?

Yes, there will be a day rate. Probably £15 for Saturday or Sunday, a little less on Monday

Do you have directions for getting there you can point me at?

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