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All crap is contained in fandom
Who out here has an academic gown they could bring to plokta.con? We need it by 11am Saturday.

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I can't bring one, alas, but I do have one I could ship if you don't turn up another by the middle of next week.

It's the black gown only, no funny hat or bright satiny bits to drape over. Real fabric with velveteen stripes alongside the front zipper -- the economy model of a real one, not the lush, full velvet kind.

It belonged to a former Worldcon chair who is very good at getting rid of stuff. Why do I have it? "Because it might come in handy someday."

ZIPPER???? Entire cabal are croggled.

USians coming to the con are Spike Parsons, Tom Becker, Erik Olson, if it's easier to get the gown to one of them. Let's see if I can find one closer first. I'm watching a likely one on eBay too.

My gown must still be at the Flooger's ancestral home in Cambridge, I realise.

My grandfather's gown is here and could possibly go up with someone from Cambridge, if there's someone going to arrive by then.

That sounds fantastic! We have anef and michaelwhoisnotonlj, and groliffe and carowhoisnotonlj either, and la_marquise_de and philwhoisnotonlj. And so on and so forth. Can you arrange with one of them to bring the gown down? Thank you ever so much.

Oh, yes, bugshaw's grandfather's gown sounds much, much, much better than the one in my fan room. Closer, too.

I have my doctoral robes from Southampton, but you might find them a bit hard on the eyes (West Ham colours - burgundy with sky blue trim)

eek. I was sort of thinking of black...

butbutbut...I have a floppy black hat with a matching curtain cord!

I think you have to wear all that Sat night now anyway..

Absolutely, just find a children's book with a character who's had a bad accident in a curtain shop.

I have a black masters gown but as it is mine it probably won't fit anyone taller than about 5'4'' but I can bring it (and the mortar board, size 6 1/4 iirc).

Fantastic. You win the internets as I am five foot and not very much. Thank you very much.

Ps if you actually want me to chair something at #plokta let alone recruit peole for it you had better tell me NOW as I have negative time in next two weeks..

We are recruiting in general. However, we have you down to moderate the being human panel -- where we are having some trouble finding people who have seen the programme and want to talk about it.

Widen it out to a wider TV panel? as n "do we want light hearted post RTD saturday teatime telly, or do we want dark slightly edgy post Buffy stuff?"

BTW - I'd be up for joining the reimaginings panel on Sunday if it wants a third ....

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