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Thanks, belatedly, to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I spent the evening in a rapturously enjoyable family activity; we downloaded last year's questions from the Junior Mathematical Olympiad and worked through the easy (short form) questions A1-10; M could do most of them (slowly) with either no hints or tiny hints, but is horrendously stuck on A9 and desperate to do it without being helped. I have told her to sleep on it and if she's still stuck today I'll give her a hint. J needed substantial help with all of them (but he's only 8 and this competition is up to Year 8, ie 13) but really seemed to enjoy solving the problems after being given Big Hints. This was triggered by M's silver in the Junior Maths Challenge; she'd need to pick up both her problem solving and her pace to get an Olympiad invite next year because the top silver score was 71 and the Olympiad cut-off was 100. None of the JMO questions is difficult; it appears to be primarily designed to ease children in gently to the idea of writing out problem solutions.

And then, just as I was thinking of coming on and thanking everyone for my birthday, I was suddenly horribly ill. Very strange. So I'm taking today as sick leave (but BlackBerrying furiously as my work is insanely busy at present).

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Belated happy birthday! I hope you feel better soon.

And thank you for the maths info. That's something fun to play around with over the holidays.

Yes, I bet your daughter would like it too.

You mean the child that's moaning 'cos its maths tests aren't until the end of the week?

Isn't it great how modern technology means you can take a day ill _and_ work hard?
(For varying values of great, depending on work urgency and illness levels)

Happy belated birthday. Maths sounds like a good way to spend it :->

Belated happy birthday!

Belated happy birthday from me too ... I saw it in the list of upcoming birthdays but then totally failed to get my act in gear to wish you well on the day itself.

Have a fantastic 2009/10!

Belated wishes from me to. I am moving to your neck of the woods in a couple of weeks (work woods that is)

What, Caxton? It's a plague zone you know.

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