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Happy Birthday
Happy birthday darling frostfox! Now tell me three things.

1. How long is your foot from toe to the back of the heel?
2. How much is it round the ball of your foot?
3. How much round your leg just a tad above the ankle?

Thank you!

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Thank you, darling.
Just waiting for Mrs Bucket to arrive then we are off to Criccieth for the week.

1. Length 10" (25cm)
2. Round ball, just over 9" (23.5cm)
3. Above ankle, again 10" (25cm)

That makes my foot nearly as long as it is around! I don't have feet, I have pods!!!!

x FF

Most people's feet are roughly as long as they are around I think.

OK. Just waiting for the wool from eBay.

Above ankle was measured at top of ankle sock I'm currently wearing, 11" just above that.


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