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What's your favourite fruit?
Marianne's maths homework this weekend asks her to ask "as many family members and friends as possible" what their favourite fruit is, and then chart the results. So, if you know Marianne, and you have a favourite fruit -- bearing in mind that your answer should be understandable by a five year old -- please can you let us know what it is?

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Max: Banana
Tobes: Apple ("because you can do so much with it")

Tree ripened peaches. (The stuff that usually ends up in the grocery started off green.)

Mmm, fruit!
(pink lady or granny smith, if Marianne's tracking that much information)

(durian prolly not on her radar...)

There was a durian at the party here I took Tobes to
it made me remarkably sick

Graham Norton Banana

because it makes the best pie

(prolly cause i have six pounds of em waiting to be pie etc)
(and raspberries are out of season)

You can't go wrong with a banana, very healthy, full of goodness. Do you reckon Marrianne will have the longest list then?

Satsumas. Small enough to carry easily but big enough to be satisfying, easy to peel, easy to pull apart and no pips.

MC (Blue String isn't a fruit, is it?)

Clementines. (If that term isn't locally familiar, they're a variant on tangerines, so she can put that.)

Marianne ended up with a splendid fruit chart, and a clear vote for bananas. (My favourite too)

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