Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

Further to my last post (and not friends locked)

I know this is preaching to the converted. But I think I need to say:

On Monday I thought Marianne's sore throat might be worse and she needed to see a doctor, so I rang and got an appointment for the same morning. They prescribed antibiotics and painkillers.

Monday night she was in pain so I phoned NHS Direct, spoke to first a call handler, then a nurse, and was then referred to primary out of hours care. A doctor rang me back about 15 minutes later and, after a phone consultation, made an appointment for her at the out of hours service half an hour after that. She was seen by the doctor and prescribed a different antibiotic.

Yesterday evening I realised she'd need to see a doctor again, so made an appointment for this morning (timed to fit in with our now-aborted trip). They phoned the hospital to say she would be coming; she was seen more or less immediately and admitted to the children's ward there.

Ways in which the service could be improved: I honestly can't think of any, apart from perhaps a private room and a bunch of roses.

Total charge to us: £0. Even her prescriptions are free as she's a child (adults with income have to pay £7.20 each for them up to a cap of about £100 a year). And it's not just the money. I can worry that my child is sick, and I do not have to worry about what is and is not included in my insurance, or which doctors and services and hospitals I can use.

Remember the words of Joe Hill: Don't Mourn. Organize.

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