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Would anybody like a hand blender?
I have upgraded my much-loved Braun hand blender. The previous one works fine, except that it used to also have a chopping attachment which has been destroyed through overuse. So it now consists of the basic hand blender (puree, soup, amaretto & banana cocktail), and a balloon whisk attachment (egg white, cream, zabaglione). It's a 300w model with variable speed. Free to a good home; basically, if nobody knows anyone who can use it it will have to be thrown away, because charity shops don't take electrical goods any more.

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... if no one else wants it, then it will have a nice pampered existance here at The Magician's Castle and Cafe <grin!>

It will make whipping up a fluffy omlette so much easier, and pickledginger was showing me how easy it is to do meringues when she was over a month ago.

But if there is a more deserving person, give it to them, I can always run for TAFF [1] instead ... <grin!>

[1] TAFF- the Technically Assisted Food Fund

OK, it's yours. We will use some form of fannish carrier relay to get it to you. Er, I doubt I have the instructions, but they basically consist of:

1. don't ever put your finger anywhere near the blade, especially not while it's plugged in*.
2. don't immerse the motor unit in water or other liquids, or put it in the dishwasher.
3. stick the business end of the blender into food and press the button. It's variable, so start with a low setting and increase it if necessary.
4. the blender and whisk attachments can be dishwashed.

*I have failed to observe this very important requirement *twice*, both times when sleep deprived and making baby food. I can show you the scars on my finger. Don't do this.

It turns out that Braun have instructions for similar devices (including the one I've just bought) on the web at

It is great for omelettes. And meringues (unlike the *previous* hand blender I owned (these aren't a lifetime purchase for me), which had an alternative to a balloon whisk that wouldn't actually whisk eggs, though it was ok for cream).

... well, I intend to be at the Christmas ton ... the only way of getting it to me quicker than that (via fan-mail(tm)) would be to get it to Valerie Housden before next weekend as I'll be seeing her at the band rehearsal down at Zander's in Westbury ... but how you do *that* link I've no idea.

Thanks a million!

Now if I can just find someone with a spare PC (or just a motherboard) faster than a 400Mhz Celeron that they don't want anymore ... (drplokta kindly offered stuff from his parts bin but I don't know if he has a spare motherboard/powersupply going to replace my "death-to-the-infidel-harddisks" PC which sits in the corner glowering at me (or is it grinning smugly in its "bedroom of solitude (tm)"? :-)

And lproven has offered to provide dialup advice on putting in a dedicated firewall machine, but that will have to wait until Q1-2003 when I have some time (I was about to add "and money" but that's just wishful thinking!)

I think I can manage a year-and-a-half old Asus motherboard with a 1GHz (or thereabouts) Athlon and an AMD-approved PSU. No memory, though -- it takes PC2100 DDR DIMMS.

... got a PCI network card and/or some basic soundblaster card to go with it? I can manage disk, case, keyboard, screen etc. myself and I'll pick up a network card and sound card cheap at a computer fair otherwise ... memory will have to be a new purchase since everything I've got is PC133 or slower SDRAM ... but crucial.com will do 256Mb of PC2100 DDR 184pin DIMM for 43.19 at the moment (or basically double that for 512Mb)
"DDR PC2100 • CL=2.5 • Unbuffered • Non-parity • 2.5V • 32Meg x 64"
and 51.29 for "DDR PC2100 • CL=2.5 • Unbuffered • ECC • 2.5V • 32Meg x 72"
What's the difference?

(it's 61.19 for "DDR PC2100 • CL=2.5 • Registered • ECC • 2.5V • 32Meg x 72")

Scan are only pennies more expensive, if Crucial include VAT (but Scan charge shipping which Crucial, er, crucially don't!<g>) at 43.48 for "256Mb PC2100 DDR Memory (Major Branded)"

And if I go to Scan I can pick up a cheap soundblaster for 9.34, and a cheap network card for 5.04

why don't charity shops take electrical goods? too hard to verify the legitimate owner? (but it's not cash converters...) too hard to tell if it works?

Liability I think. they sell it, it electrocutes someone, they get sued. Worst that happens with 2ndhand clothes is severe style embarrassment :-)

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