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Beatles Rock Band is fab
Having a bucket of fun. Fun larking about with the family and not worrying about scores, fun learning to drum, and then fun sitting quietly obsessing over exact bass riffs and so on.

I thought vocals were dodgy at first. It seemed entirely wrong that I could sing a Beatles song which I am not remotely familiar with, and score five stars on Expert the first time out. But it turns out, after a couple of hours of play on vocals, that I have top ten global scores (on Wii) on four or five different tracks, none of which I've sung more than three times. So I think it's just that it is calibrated so easy that anyone who can actually sing cleans up. (Songs with a single melody line are much easier for me than the harmony songs; turns out I've been singing one of the harmony lines all these years! Who knew?)

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Rock Band guitar is much more like, well, a melodeon, than it is a guitar. So far, Beatles Rock Band seems to be fantastic fun...

...on vocals...
...on bass guitar...
...on drums...
...on playing an instrument (any instrument) and singing *at the same time* using the *actual mic stand* that they included... (this is a skill I cannot do in real life either, demonstrating that multitasking is hard)
...on anything with the entire family, because everyone can play at once and set the difficulty to whatever suits them individually and the whole thing is hilarious...
...on randomly joining in with the songs on harmony...
...or just on watching because the visuals are fantastic even on the Wii. I can only imagine what the XBox must be like.

And the limited edition set is just fantastic. I bought it because it's the only way to get quality Wii Rock Band peripherals in the UK but then the whole family were oohing and aahing over the bass guitar and (especially) the Ludwig Beatles kick drum head, which is a completely pointless thing of wonder. I thought it was the finest set of gaming controllers ever until I learnt about the $300 handpainted wooden Fender Stratocaster Rock Band controller. If you'd asked me last week if I was also planning to buy the John Lennon & George Harrison guitars I would have laughed but now I'm seriously considering at least one of them. My other Wii guitar looks incredibly shabby by comparison.

I so do not need this evil knowledge. So. Not.


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