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perfect tomato sauce for pizza
OK, I've cooked mine now for tonight. For future reference, how would you make a perfect tomato sauce for homemade pizza? The pizza will probably also have mozzarella, perhaps some other cheese, mushrooms and pepperoni. Italians particularly welcome.

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onions tomatoes garlic fresh basil and sundried tomato puree.

or, for white pizzq, low fat philli with garlic and herbs. then spinach and mozzerella on top.

I am lazy cook :-)

I just take half a carton of passata and simmer it for ten minutes with salt (if it's unsalted passata), pepper, dried oregano and fresh basil. Seems to work pretty well.

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I fry a bit of onion in olive oil, add a tin of chopped peeled tomatoes and simmer til it reduces and thickens a bit. Can also add garlic when you fry the onion, and/or parsley and basil right at the end of the simmering, before it goes on the pizza.

Mine's a lot like that, but with added tom puree, sugar and salt, plus water, and a long simmer.

Wait, for pizza, you need to talk to a Chicagoan.

The trick is you don't use sauce. You put the ingredients that would be a sauce on the pizza and let the baking create the sauce for you.

Ooh that's a nice idea!

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