Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

Things that Annoy Me

So. HP decided that they wouldn't bother to release a printer driver for my printer (Business Inkjet 1100) for Snow Leopard. The printer is fine, still churning out average quality, low cost prints. The alternative open source driver is utter pants; will not duplex, returns no printer information, and finally failed to print landscape in my crunch just before Easter.

So, I'm searching for a new printer. I would, for obvious reasons, prefer not to buy HP again; I believe that not updating printer drivers for your sturdy printers is a Mortal Sin, particularly when I'm buying hundreds of pounds worth of your OUTRAGEOUSLY PRICED INK each year. And remember, boys and girls, this is one of the lowest cost inkjets ever.

So, I want auto duplex, and WiFi; both essential. It must work with Mac 10.6. I have a slight preference for not an all-in-one, as my elderly but high quality scanner still works well and besides, we have another all-in-one (high quality, 'medium' running costs (ie high), CD printing). I certainly don't want fax any more than I want an integral mangle; what *are* these printer manufacturers on?

Low running costs are essential. The difference between 5p and 10p per page for b&w with spot colour would represent £100 on the cost of 100 copies of a 20-page fanzine. So it needs to have high-yield cartridges (only twice the price of fresh human blood, but to be fair, much less likely to clog your print heads), and it needs to not do FUCKING STUPID SELF CLEANING ROUTINES that steal all your ink. Obviously, as I'm intending to print fanzines on it, it needs to be reasonably durable.

I am tentatively coming to the conclusion that the only printer on the market that fits the bill is the HP Officejet 8000 Pro. But I am happy to be proved wrong if you know better. And gosh I'm annoyed.
Tags: annoyed printers whine mac

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