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Memo to Russell T Davies

That, Rusty, is how you implement a Giant Reset Button without offending your viewers.

But what are we going to need a Giant Reset Button for? Presumably (rampant speculation) because River Song was jailed because she killed the Doctor.

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Seems plausible. And it leaps all continuity glitches (excepting possibly the Weeping Angels being able to look at each other without freezing) in a single bound.

Did the Weeping Angels look at each other without freezing? I thought they were being careful not to.

It certainly sounded a lot like she did. I think she knows she's in a different time stream, though, because she sounded genuinely caring and not at all guilty.

That episode was chock full of timey wimey goodness.

Even if the Giant Reset Button is about to be pushed, I would guess from the reaction of the villagers in Ep.1 that Earth has some experience of alien visitors.

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