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(no subject)
The really sad thing about that party is that we worked out that there were only 3 1/2 people at the party who didn't have an LJ account -- and two of them were Marianne and Jonathan. Half the people at the party posted during the party.

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I do keep working on Simon, but he's a tough nut to crack...

I did NOT post during the party!!!!

The really sad thing about that party is that we worked out that there were only 3 1/2 people at the party who didn't have an LJ account

This is largely a consequence of putting out the invite on LJ. I had planned to invite others but never quite got around to it and there was no sense of urgency anyway since so many were already coming.

So (from a previous meme) are you sorry you attended?

Gosh, no! I had a great time. There was a really good mix of people there, and apart from one difficult moment, my kids were well behaved. We played with the dancemats, and people admired my DDR t-shirt. The hotel was nice, I wasn't hungover this morning, and I'm back home, listening to all Lilian's chillout music now.

Hiya! I noticed you appeared on my "friend of" list, and was trying to remember if I remembered correctly who you are... you said some nice things about muffins, when staying at our place in a town just outside of The Hague. I don't suppose you'd remember that, even if you are who I think you are! (It was ages ago, but I remembered it because it was a very kind comment having to do with differing kinds of work...)

So, I can't visit a webpage to check out my supposition, and I can't drop you an e-mail, so this is the next thing on my list. I suppose it's silly to ask people who they are, anyway, but if you can't tell me (or if nothing above rings a bell), how about letting me know what made you friend me?

Crazy(and being rather cheeky, probably!)Soph

PS I remember another thing, if your the person I have in mind: some American woman made a comment about the Parliament building, that made you want to throttle her.

I think I'll go, now, before I go beyond foolish... bye...

OK. Does this photo make it easier? I did come to stay with you for a couple of days, along with my ex-husband (drplokta), either around the Dutch Worldcon or around one of the Hillcons. We've also sent you our fanzine from time to time, though we keep cutting you off for non-response. I only don't use my real name in LJ because I don't want the journal to turn up in an idle web-search for me -- but it's obvious from my web site.

Ah ha!! Thank you!! Yes, definitely one of those conventions, I tend to think it was one of the Hillcons because we were rather "Hotel Ost-bloc" for the Worldcon, and very, very packed with USA guests afterward. When you were at our place, I remember we had a lot of time to really relax and talk (hence the remembered comment about muffins).

Yes, we're horrible with responding to fanzines. *hangs head in shame* So far, I seem to be doing a sight better with LJ. And I never expected to find so many of my old fannish friends here - it was my internet chat buddies who got me into this!

*big, big hugs* It's great to see you, thanks for friending me, and now I know to keep an eye on you by putting you on my friends list.

See you again!


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