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Flannel sheets
So, it's sort of cold at the moment, and as always when it's cold, I'm interested in the concept of flannelette bedding. We have a 6ft bed (UK superking/US king. ish) and I'm looking for stockists in the UK of stylish flannel duvet cover sets. By stylish I mean a range along the lines of

this one at The Company Store


this one at Garnet Hill

rather than

this one at QVC UK

Which is not to say that QVC aren't on the side of the angels; at least they have 20 different flannel bedding sets in Superking, and I've just bought a lovely set for my daughter there. But they always make me think we're 90.

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I only have a double bed (well, there is only me and Max...) but I've never found any nice flanelette sheets in the UK.

FF (off to watch Sweeny Todd, sucker for musicals, you know me)

I'm glad it's not just me. Jonathan has the animal print ones from QVC, which are not at all bad if you want animal print sheets and perfect for my fluff-obsessed child; Marianne's are a nice flowery print, stronger than most; ours are plain green. What I'd give for a nice strong contemporary pattern.

These are plain but John Lewis and in super king.

FF, on a roll here.

Flannelette Duvet covers

I am tired of looking for some attractively patterned flannelette sheets. I have one set which I bought in a sale and, having discovered how wonderfully warm they are in the winter, I cannot find anything attractive on the market. Come on manufacturers, there's a lovely opportunity waiting for someone out there and a big gap in the market. Who wants to sleep on dirty white, pasty pink or blue sheets!

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