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AKICIF: Subways
Which US cities have underground railways?

Background -- so, yesterday I was hacked off at one of the many ways that the iPhone is rubbish if you're outside mobile phone reception, and concluded that nobody with any influence at Apple had any experience of commuting by underground.

Edit: mr_tom has pointed out that some of the US urban railways are so close to the surface that mobile reception is maintained. So, I think I mean 'which US cities have underground railways that break mobile phone reception'.

And yes, I think I already knew that Cupertino was a driving sort of place.

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Also, the NYC Subway is only just underground, so mobiles work fine for the most psrt. I'm not sure about the others, but I'd guess they'd be similar. London's underground is unusually deep.

Ahah! This is key. Of course, mobiles work quite well on much of the Circle line; it's the deep tubes that are the problem, such as the Victoria line.

I wouldn't say "for the most part": they work near one or both ends of some lines (which get the least traffic), most of a few lines (7, J), and not at all on some. And even our shallow, cut-and-cover lines don't have reliable service: on the 6 train (Lexington Avenue local) there are areas in some stations, usually near entrances, that have service, but a few meters away will be dead, and the reception is spotty at best on the trains.

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