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Normal Service has been Resumed
Macadamia is sorted; I've recovered the lost posts (thanks, chaps!), switched over to Movable Type (thanks, drplokta!), turned the radio based posts into an archive, and even posted something new. So there you go. And I can update an MT blog from anywhere, so expect great bloggy outpourings from me.

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The page format is incredibly wide, you know. Horizontal scrolling is a Bad Thing.

Why do you have a blog and a livejournal when you could just put all the content on LJ?

Alternatively, people on LJ could read the blog via its RSS feed -- but I suspect they'd miss out on all the stuff in the side panels (I do like the idea of the Latte Free Zone).

Well, yeah, but only if we work out how and it still doesn't answer why there are two journally bloggy things anyway.

The ability to add another site's syndicated feed to your friends list seems to be restricted to paid users, so it's not as useful as I'd first thought.

As to multiple journals/weblogs, there does seem to be a lot of it about, so I guess it comes down to what people feel comfortable with. Anonymity (at least to search engines) is easier to maintain with LJ than with a weblog hosted on one's own domain, for example. Or you could look on the whole LJ v. weblog thing as being simply the modern version of APA v. fanzine.

Or... all sorts of things. I think I'll go away now and try and write about this properly.

Well, yes, there are lots of reasons but I'm curious as to Alison's particular reasons.

I am not Alison, but I have both because I use them for different things.

My Weblog (http://www.yawl.org) is "here are cool or disturbing or otherwise interesting links", and the LiveJournal is "this is what I've been up to."

Also, I was Weblogging before there was a LiveJournal, and don't want to abandon that site or readership.

Well, lots of reasons. Kittywompus is my website, so that's where I want my blog. Macadamia is for fanwriting and weblogging; I only got the LJ account so that I could comment on and read other people's livejournals.

However, it turns out that the LJ is useful for several other purposes. Firstly, it's semi-anonymous, so that stuff I post here will not show up on casual web searches under my name. Secondly, it has the friends only feature for when I want to vent about my work. Thirdly, it's handy for sorting out social engagements. Fourthly, it's a good place for posting casual stuff that will amuse my friends but is of now wider interest. None of those things are particularly appropriate for my weblog, which I see as my online perzine. I hope it's of interest to a wider group of people than my LJ friends; though sometimes I wonder.

As far as the horizontal scrolling and other layout issues go, I've just used the Movable Type default layout. It looks glorious on my iMac in Chimera, and has no scrolling or other issues. But as far as I can tell, there are problems for nearly every other browser. I will work on it.

It looks nice in Internet Explorer, OmniWeb, Mozilla and Safari too. Also on the Mac, admittedly. But maybe you've fixed it already.

Yes, I've just spent the evening learning CSS and I think I've solved the major problems with it. Feedback welcome

And it would seem that I have been the first to post a comment since Macadamia assumed this new format. No matter what happens in the furture they can't take that away from me.

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