Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

Michael Nyman, Royal Festival Hall, Tuesday 17 June

Michael Nyman along with BBC Concert Orchestra

"Following sell-out concerts all over the world, Michael Nyman returns to the Royal Festival Hall to perform music from his hit film soundtracks, including The Piano, Gattaca, Prospero's Books, The Claim and The Draughtsman's Contract. Witty, subtle, and brilliant this is music to get your feet tapping!"

If you want to come to this with me, can you let me know in the next 24 hours or so; I'll book tickets late tomorrow evening. I'll be buying either stalls £30 tickets, or front terrace £25 tickets (where there are still a few centre tickets; there are only side tickets in the stalls now), depending on my whim at the time. Feel free to let me know which you'd rather I went for (it's a choice between closer to the stage or more central).

If that's too pricey there are also rear terrace and balcony tickets all the way down to £8; I'm happy to book tickets for people at other prices if they'd like. Let me know.

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