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Can't send mail
For some reason, my outgoing e-mail isn't working. Incoming (via Demon's pop3 server) is fine, outgoing (via NTL's SMTP server) isn't. NTL online support is rubbish, so I'm going to leave it till the morning and hope it gets better.

green_amber ; we would love to have you to stay on Friday 21st March, though I am going out to the theatre so won't be back till a bit later.

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Can't you route your outgoing mail through kittywompus or plokta? Mine goes via hawkida - NTL supply my broadband but I don't use them for news or mail or webspace or anything like that.

Ta!! I might actually stay on at hotel in London I'll be at the Thurs night (work paying) but thought I'd ask as first case scenario. Will probably be out clubbing with the mythical ZMG etc anyway that night, so doubt will be back before you! More soon - just in from seeing Daredevil (pants!) and knackered.

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