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For everyone who's been saying 'you've been ill for *ages*' to me
Last night, I was watching telly, and suddenly thought 'perhaps I have glandular fever'. I've just checked out the symptoms, and am kicking myself that I didn't work it out earlier -- and that my doctor didn't think to check. I'll ask the doctor to do a test when I see them this afternoon.

But, er, it's infectious. I have, however, been pretty careful with cups etc., and haven't been snogging anyone untoward. I'm very sorry, in advance, if I've managed to infect any of you, though.

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Oh dear.
I hope you haven't got it - much *snuggles*!

The acute stage was 4-6 weeks ago, when I was off work for two weeks and watched a great deal of bad daytime telly; and I've continued ill since then, being poorly and knackered all the time. So I'm very much at the stage of 'good, I've worked out what it is and I know what I have to do about it, and as long as I'm careful and don't overdo it, I'll make a full recovery quite soon.'

Oh, right - not too bad, then!

Still, hope you feel better soon!

S'okay. I've had it already. Or probably have it still according to my GP. Which would at least partly explain why I've had a low-level illness for the last two and a half years. Can't recommend it much. Suggest you don't have it.

And the incubation period is 4-7 weeks, so there's something for all those of us who (e.g.) stayed with you at the weekend to think about for the next couple of months.

But I hope you're on the mend now, whether or not it turns out to be glandular fever.

yes, but I was apparently most infectious before any symptoms appeared, and not much now, and 95% of adults are already immune.

My girlfriend of the time and now thankfully ex-wife didn't catch it from me when I had it.

Sorry to say, the recovery is a real pig, especially if you'd been silly like me and kept drinking before you realised that you had it. I still remember my doctor's expression when he explained the Liver Function Test results to me.

"This one, the one that says 1206, that's meant to be under 200." He was within a day or so of sending me to hospital, but I started to improve.

I'd say it probably took me over a year to make a full recovery.

Best wishes for a quick recovery. I hope the kids haven't caught it. (I remember it as being something that mostly affected teenagers, not children as young as yours, but I don't know if that's a medical fact or an artifact of memory.)

Update; well, I went to the doctor, who said "yes, it could be glandular fever. Or it could be any of a range of other pesky viral infections that don't go away. But I really need to eliminate the possiblity that it's the first indications of something more serious." He was concerned that I'd lost weight without dieting (something that I wouldn't have known if not for fat_fangirls). Upshot is a selection of 13 different blood tests; "chances are they'll all come back negative". Including glucose, so I have to fast tomorrow before going over to the hospital. Last time I got bloods done, though, it took about five minutes start to finish; so I'm hoping it will be no more trouble this time.

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