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Has anyone seen Randy?
It's just that we're expecting him tonight, were away yesterday, and I suddenly realise that we haven't heard from him, you know, in the flesh.

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There's a Trufen message in which he says he's at John and Eve's and:

I'm lounging around today, waiting to hear back from Alison Scott
about finding Walthamstow. It may be time to take a walk in the
fields behind the Harvey house.

I spoke to him this morning, and he said he was leaving John & Eve's shortly and making his way over to E17. I'm expecting him to call back soon-ish, to make arrangements for tonight/tomorrow/the rest of our lives (hey, a girl can dream...)

Arrgh. Bugger. I have no e-mail. Or rather, I do, but it's helpfully been picked up by my computer at home and is sitting there waiting for me. Off to Trufen on yahoogroups, I guess

OK, Alison; if you're hooking up with Randy can you say that I apologise, taht there'll be someone in our house from about 6:15, that we are expecting him, and that I've e-mailed him.

Would you like to come to dinner too? I think there will be plenty of food.


Oooh! Would love to. But am not sure what time they're letting me out of here... can I give you a call later?

Sure. Or, alternatively, come round for post-dinner chat drink etc.

Can I retrench on refusing invite to dinner on Sunday next (ie accept?)? is it still on, and if so, could I stay overnight?
Why does your email never seem to work these days???
And yes, i am Back..

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