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My First Infographic
Do something you know about, they said. Thanks to drplokta and flick's awesome woodland. My thumbnail may never recover.

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Ummm ... this is the obligatory "please shrink your image, it's blowing up my f-list" comment :)

Edited at 2014-11-06 11:32 am (UTC)

Arrgh; I edited the image but forgot to shrink it. Though I am unapologetic about 800px which is the smallest that makes any sense at all on a proper screen.

Thanks ! 800px is fine, I just figured if I'm scrolling sideways on a 1920px display, most people who aren't on the new Retina iMacs will be too :-)

No, that's right, it was about 1400px at one stage which is obviously too much.

800 is perfect, it's just 1600 that's a little too much. You'd think we'd all be on 1080x1920, and many of us are, but sometimes we like to use a window, or hem-hem have failing old man eyes and are zooming to 200% to read the text.

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