November 13th, 2002


Oysterband etc

OK, chaps; by which I mean flick, missfairchild, the_magician and
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OK, chaps; by which I mean <lj user="flickgc">, <lj user="sneerpout">, <lj user="the_magician"> and <lj_user="pickledginger">. We need a plan for the Oysters on Thursday night, for which the doors open at 7pm & there is support. I understand that <lj user="sneerpout"> works just across the road from <a href="">the Marquee</a>, so really, what I'm looking for is for her to tell us where we ought to meet at 6:45pm. It's convenient for the Angel & slightly less convenient for Highbury & Islington.

In other news, we are getting a ticket for Steeleye (19th December) for <lj user="tamaranth">. No plans yet for Philip Glass because I'm not sufficiently organised to sort it out tonight, but I will get a move on, I promise. Meanwhile, anyone up for Billy Bragg at the Shepherd's Bush Empire? Sunday December 1, which is the day after Brian & Caroline's party.

Looking for a stunt person for Thursday night

OK. malwen, the_magician + a friend (pickledginger I think), flick and I are all going to see the at the Marquee in Islington on Thursday night. For complex reasons, we appear to have a spare ticket. Would anyone else like to join us? Eg major_clanger, who I think was saying only the other day that he'd never been to a live gig? Oysterband are, for what it's worth, my favourite band to see live. It's £12.50 + booking fee (which I think was about £1.50 but will need to check the tickets).