February 24th, 2003


Syndicating Macadamia

I thought that only paid users could syndicate feeds, but it turns out free users can too (just not very many). If you're one of the people who has fretted in the past that I maintain a blog as well as an LJ, my blog is now syndicated as alisonscottblog. So you can, if you like, add it to your friends list; the blog posts will appear inline in your friends page. No lj-cuts, of course, and sometimes the posts can be quite long by LJ standards. (It suddenly occurs to me that there's no particularly good reason why the LJ-cut tag wouldn't work; it should be ignored by web browsers, and interpreted by LJ. I will try it next time I post to the blog, if I remember.) I have it on *my* friends list, so that if you comment on the blog in LJ, I'll see the comments.
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