May 3rd, 2005


Irritated with Apple

Hey! Now I'm a postgraduate student, I get fringe benefits! And one of them is that I can buy Apple products with the educational discount.

Except that there's no edu discount on the Tiger family pack. So one copy of Tiger would be £58.75, or a family pack -- which is an identical product apart from the single sheet of paper with the licenses on it -- is £139. Gosh, I'm inspired to do the decent thing. Because, of course, no students have children.

Tiger Early Adopter

OK, I found a better use for my educational discount... thanks to ajshepherd's tipoff, I'm soon to be the proud owner of a shiny new iMac G5. With Tiger; so I can see how it goes on the new Mac before deciding to upgrade all the existing ones.

Screen double the size of this one! Hard drive six times the size of this one! Processor um, much faster? 2GHz G5 as opposed to 800MHz G4? Shiny new OS! Shiny new keyboard! Shabby old mouse because Apple Still Don't Make a Decent Mouse. Another set of Creature speakers because I've heard the sound from the inbuilt speakers and it's absolutely rubbish. Free shipping in a few days. And just about £400 cheaper, with a better spec, than the one I costed a few days ago. Hey, it's almost like saving money. Though what will I do if I can't make a cup of tea while applying a filter to a Plokta cover?

The only downside, if there is one, is losing the anglepoise screen; a feature I still use every single day and will miss hugely. This was one of the first anglepoise iMacs, and they said the screen support would stay stable over time. I could sell this computer on eBay and defray a substantial portion of the cost of the new one -- probably a third. But in fact I'm giving it to my kids, who will no longer get to complain that they're never allowed on the iMac.