September 5th, 2006


Jim Moray at the Spitz 20 September

We thought the Spitz was just ace for Show of Hands the other night -- at the end of the gig they said, approximately, "you know, when we started, we played in a load of little pubs and upstairs rooms, and then we graduated to seated venues, because, well, they're better, aren't they... and tonight, we're wondering if we made a Big Mistake there." That show was all standing, squashed in like rush hour, sweat running off walls etc.

This one is likely to be quieter -- flick and I saw JM at Madame JoJo's a couple of months ago and there were probably fewer than 100 people there. I am told that the Spitz sets up cabaret style when they don't sell that many tickets. Still, no promise of a seat at this one.