January 13th, 2008


Actually Postironic

Having seen the Torchwood clip that various people have linked to, it appears that for season two they have dispensed completely with scriptwriters and instead have trawled the internet looking for breathlessly written wish-fulfillment fanfic.

...Spike looks up as Captain Jack walks into the room....
...wordlessly they approach each other, furiously... 'cos they haven't spoken since the great bust-up of '48...
...they stare at each other smoulderingly [cut for four paragraphs of alternating internal dialogue which frankly I cannot bear to write] then furiously, desperately kiss [cut for four more paragraphs of alternating internal dialogue which I cannot bear to write either]...

But what to do now? After all, they're immortal enemies. Fighting never solved anything, but it's a start.

Still the prettiest.

Edit: Apparently the BBC clip doesn't work outside the UK -- but they've put it on YouTube. Can you see it there?