July 7th, 2008


Like one of Pavlov's dogs really

Dear O2

If you send every iPhone customer in the country a txt saying 'upgrade now and we'll deliver your new iPhone on Friday, might run out though, first come first served' then you had better make sure your online upgrade site is ready to handle the load.

No love (and possibly no iPhone...)


I'm just going to sulk forever

And O2 is duly sold out of iPhones, and I don't have one. I might be able to queue on Friday, but I don't want to queue on Friday, I have better things to do.

(and for anyone who suggests I should just wait; because of the 'free you from your existing contract' deal, if I'm ever to buy a 3G iPhone, 11 July is the day to do it; it minimises my contract end date at no additional cost).