December 23rd, 2008


Happy meme for the 22nd

Late again, but my happiness is pretty unbounded. So that's good.

Things that make me happy:

I realised that my brain had blocked out almost the entirety of the action of the first third of Return of the Jedi. With luck, it can do so again. Exception; the rancor monster's keepers being visibly upset when Luke killed it.

Great Tidying Project: Marianne's room is now 'mostly ok', as is the spare bedroom. Another trip to the tip with an entirely full car; Steven's worry that our household junk would be destroyed by the rain proved unfounded as the chaps who run the tip made sure he had space to leave it undercover, saying 'the bric-a-brac people will come first thing tomorrow'. The cellar is a thing of beauty, it's amazing. A good thing too, because we have some dozens of boxes elsewhere in the house that really need to be in the cellar.

Another trip to IKEA; perhaps I should just get my salary paid directly to IKEA. Some amazing work on our lighting by Steven, so we now have (we'll draw a veil over the IKEA lights not reliably including the *parts* they need to *work* with UK light fittings; didn't make me happy) lightshades on working lights in every room in the house. And a plan to transform the look of the kitchen with textiles. I know it can be done; I've watched the website. This morning! Watch this space.

Tonight; the Food.