November 10th, 2010


These things that everyone except me knows

The hardback of Cryoburn came with a CD containing a ton of Vorkosigan-related goodness, including every single one of the novels. That CD -- and all the rest of the Baen CDs -- can be freely downloaded from Baen CD at the Fifth Imperium, and copying for non-commercial use is encouraged.

I'm beyond delighted by this; of course, I'd bought the eBook of Cryoburn already, but I wanted to re-read from the beginning and was hampered due to my EVIL EX-HUSBAND (waves) having nicked the early books in the Great Property Carve Up. And I'm trying to avoid buying tree-related reading material because of the Massive Clutter Mountain.

Further to my previous post

Opinions on the optimum reading order for the Vorkosigan saga, for three different cases, please:

a) for rather forgetful fan re-reading;
b) for 13 year-old who is allegedly less geeky than us, but discovered her current love The Big Bang Theory while googling Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock.
c) for 10-year-old who only ever seems to read things by accident, wildly age-inappropriate or not.