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Paging all geeks
Suppose I was thinking of buying a Nokia 8310 to use on Virgin. How would I go about using it with my Sony Clie T-625?

Does anyone have this phone? What do they think?

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I think that's what I have, but it doesn't seem to say anywhere on it so I'm not sure. It looks the same, though.

It has an IR thingie, so you just put it next to the IR thingie on your Clie and they... ummm... talk to each other.

Sorry. I'm not a geek.

It's a good phone, though. I like it. But then, I like Nokias.

Do you use it with your clie? Do you browse the web with it?

I'm afraid I don't, becuase I can't pursuade my computer to install AvantGo (my virus checker won't let me. It's a long story).

But it is *possible* to do so, yes.

I think I've been rather useless at answering your questions, haven't I...?

I used to do this with a Clie and a Nokia (though both slightly different models to what you're talking about). Instructions for setting up are on this incredibly slow loading page: http://www.mywirelesspalm.com/palminternetguide.htm

I got reasonable results once the devices agreed that they actually could see each other. If the line dropped I usually had to reboot the Palm before it would notice the phone again to dial back in. And it was painfully slow, of course. Mostly I only grabbed my email but the web browser was there if I wanted it.

I used the Eudora internet suite of tools. It's a freebie download - check somewhere like Palmgear.com to find it.

The 8310 has GPRS which means you should get reasonable performance, though I'm not sure if Virmin support GPRS.

You should be able to hook the phone and the Clie via infrared (as previously mentioned). It is possible to get Palm OS to use GPRS connections, but that particular feat has so far beaten me (having similar problems with Mac OS X too).

If you aren't too wedded to getting a Nokia, you may want to look at the handsets from Sony Ericisson as interopability between phone and Clie should be good. Sony seem to have got better and phone UIs too.

Shout if you need more assistance.

At least part of the problem is that Virgin don't sell any Sony Ericsson phones. I'd quite like one because of the very fine 'Sailling Clicker' program -- but I don't actually have Bluetooth on either of my Macs at the moment.

Plus I was very, very impressed with Flick's phone, which I think is probably the 8310. It was just vastly more usable, and small and neat, than any phone I've previously used. Nokia are market leaders for a reason.

The tutorial that Max pointed out looked very straightforward; so I'm guessing I can get it working.

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