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The BohemianCoast Talking Doll
borrowed from everybody...

Can you just pop and get that, Steven?
We need to be Goal Focused and Task Oriented
Do you just want to do __________? (NB: used for direct orders).
I'm tired.
I'm hungry.
A grande skinny latte, please.
Perhaps just a quick drink.
Ooh, another glass of wine would be lovely!
Would you like a copy of my fanzine?
Stop that at once, Jonathan!
I said stop, Jonathan, and I mean STOP!
Steven, can you stop Jonathan doing that please?
Just hang on while I get my digital ___________ working.
Shall we go and watch some Buffy now?

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Do you just want to do __________?

I routinely and automatically answer "no" to any question which begins with those words, cutting across the question even as it's being asked, simply because the phraseology implies an answer in the positive.

(I suppose I did that as a child, too. But -- as they say at Congressional investigations of presidential malfeasance -- I have no clear memory of that....)

I forgot to get my taklking doll to say "I'm tired." I guess I was feeling energetic at the time!

We invented a Good Game in the pub tonight wich is to pick someone's talking doll phrases (in our case, the unfortunate yonmei) and try to catch them saying the phrase in the course of the coversation. Fun for all the family..

Do you just want to do __________? (NB: used for direct orders).

Is that supposed to be the order itself, or a response?

It's a passive-aggressive way of getting your way. I say no to those sort of requests, too.

Yeah, I know. I do it a lot; but once I spotted that it was going on, I started varying it a bit. It's not actually meant in a passive-agressive way; it's one of the workarounds that the civil service uses to get over the fact that we're very uncomfortable about giving and receiving orders, even in circumstances where they're clearly appropriate. It's really shorthand for 'We've pretty much agreed what needs to be done here, and I (being, after all, the boss) have decided that the immediate next step is for *you* to do *this* particular task. OK?' And of course, generally it is ok, because people mostly like a world in which it's clear what specific thing they have to do next and what the overall direction of travel looks like.

But even if it were all right at work (and I'm not sure it is, and I definitely overuse it), it's clearly inappropriate for fandom, and it's hopeless with the kids, who do, in fact, just say 'no'.

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