Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

Me, me, everywhere a meme

from drplokta

What book(s) are you reading, currently?
Hmm. Letters to a Young Doctor, by Richard Selzer; and various theoretical ones that I seem to have put down in the middle.

What music is playing? What other sounds can you hear?
No music, which is unusual. I can hear the sound of my typing. Whoops; my son has just started crying hysterically. <later> Turned out he'd fallen in the garden and has a huge graze across his forehead.

Look at the screen in front of you. What apps have you got open? What's running in the background?
Open: Safari. In background; Finder, Mail, iTunes, iSync. Running all the time: Weatherpop and no doubt some other utilities.

What was the last thing you ate? Drank?
Ate Easy Tuna Pasta, a meal from Menu Mailer, rather severely adapted. (Boil 10 oz pasta, meanwhile, fry an onion, 2 chopped peppers, and half a pound of sliced green beans. When pasta cooked, mix all together with the pasta, add 1/3 pint milk, 2 oz grated cheddar, some torn basil. Stir to heat through and serve.) Drank; am drinking coffee now.

What are you wearing?
sleeveless top, trousers, unmentionables.

Where are you? At work, at home? What room are you in?
At home in the study.

What are you meant to be doing?
Cooking tomorrow's dinner, half an hour of DDR, defrosting the old freezer prior to taking advantage of Waltham Forest's mobile tip service on Saturday.

Sniff! Sniff! What can you smell?
The Dettol we just used to clean Jonathan's graze.

Who was the last person you spoke to in person? On the phone? Online? How long ago was it?
In person; my entire family shortly before they departed bedwards a moment ago. On the phone; a confused person who answered 'Emergency Response'; I was trying to phone the aforementioned council tipping service; who didn't bother to put the opening hours on the leaflet they put through the door. Online, er, would have been one of several iChats last night.

What's the last thing you bought in a shop? Over the interweb?
In a shop; a Pret Pastrami on Rye sandwich and a bottle of fizzy water. If you mean a real shop, I did a ton of shopping at the Cambridge Folk Festival and in the Grafton Centre in Cambridge. The very last thing was five flashing lightsticks in a stall at the festival, for the kids (Warning: Not a Toy). Over the Interweb; Geneforge 2.

Are you feeling ill or achy or otherwise not well?
I'm pretty well, though feeling tired (perhaps due to not taking enough vitamins recently), and I have some outstanding outpatients appointments which are too boring to mention.

Are you wearing any jewellery? A watch? Hair things? Makeup? Something else that is not clothes?
Wedding ring. No hair things, no watch, no makeup, no other jewellery, nothing else that's not clothes.

Are you sitting comfortably?
Mmm. On my Stokke Actulum chair, originally purchased as a combination breast-feeding and websurfing chair, but now just the perfect websurfing chair.

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