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Paging all gamers

OK, it's like this. Having substantially improved my general fitness and stamina by playing dance mat for a year, I reckon I could do with working on balance, poise and muscle tone. I could, for example, take up pilates, yoga or tai chi.

Or, alternatively, I could buy a Thrustmaster Freestyler Board and a snowboarding or skateboarding game.

So, I'm looking for advice. First, is the Thrustmaster the best board controller? I've already checked the weight limit and I'm a lightweight compared to some of the hippos it's designed for. It's clear from reviews that board controllers are, like dance mats, great exercise for couch potatoes.

Second, is it actually possible to get a reasonable workout on these boards? The reviews indicate it is, and that it has the same sort of toning effect that the sports do.

Third, any recommendations for snowboarding, skateboarding or surfing games for the PSOne? It would need to start very, very easy, because it's clearly a lot harder to control a board than a gamepad (or even a dancemat).

Feel free to put me on to the sort of people who can give advice but whom I wouldn't normally interact with because they spend their lives glued to a console...

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