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Tunes Meme
gacked from everybody, and one of these answers is well dodgy.

Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen
Our Town, Kate Rusby
Hall of the Mountain Womble, The Wombles
Early One Morning, Jim Moray
Mercs and Cherokees, Little Johnny England
I'll be Waiting, Horslips
Antarctica, Al Stewart
Nineteen Fifty-Two Vincent Black Lightning, Richard Thompson

Crazy Man Michael, Fairport Convention
Oxford Girl, Oysterband
And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda, Eric Bogle
Saudi Sidney, Les Barker
The Preacher, Show of Hands

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Which one is dodgy?

(I didn't use Horslips in mine, since I have no S in my username and Sword of Light is my favourite of theirs)

Which one is dodgy depends on how you look at it. Bo Rap is only in because of bohemian, 1952 Vincent Black Lightning begins with a 1 not an N, and Hall of the Mountain Womble isn't just a Womble song, but may just be the silliest womble song of all. And Saudi Sidney's not a song at all but a spoken poem (and Hall of the Mountain Womble is only barely a song).

"Sword of Light" -- no suggestive imagery in that song, no sirree!

My favourite of theirs is "King of Morning, Queen of Day", closely followed by "Rescue Me". The latter is rare amongst my favourite songs in that my delight in it is in the music rather than the lyrics.

I do like most of The Book of Invasions (in fact, I don't know of any tracks on it that I don't like).

*sigh* Must get the turntable fixed one of these years.

Ooh! And I just happen to be flying over next week!

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