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Wail Moan Spit
I upgraded Agent on one PC to v.1.91, but didn't get round to doing the other. And then Steven went into the other machine to look at our email. Result; one set of completely trashed index files, and many years of archived email lying around in relatively inaccessible proprietary data files.

Several hours and various recovery utilities later, I've got some of it back and hold out hope for the rest. But it was a major trial, and if you've sent me any email you're expecting an answer to, why not send it again?

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Much sympathy.

Thus far, I'm holding out for 2.0; 1.8 is doing the job for the moment.

Many sympathies. With marypcb relying on email for work more and more, I took the plunge and set up a home mail server. Now it's its fault if anything gets lost...

The big challenge was migrating several years worth of mail to the server, seeing as it was sat in a local copy of Pegasus that was about to be rendered obsolete by the move to Exchange/Outlook. Luckily Exchange does IMAP really well, so all I had to do was copy the Pegasus mailboxes as IMAP folders. What I thought would take ages ended up only taking an hour or so...

I rather think I might need a home mail server myself. But not Exchange/Outlook; I hate Outlook, and the network now includes an iMac as well as the PCs.

Re: Home Mail Servers

There are plenty out there. We mainly went with Exchange/Outlook because (a) we had a copy and (b) Mary could make money out of it writing "100 Outlook tips" features...

I have NO idea what you people are talking about. Actually I find this quite charming: I don't get many chances to be fluttery and female..


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