Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

Dodgy Xmas Meme

gacked from yonmei, and sanitised by a cut-tag .

Do you believe in Jesus?: Might well have existed; not a religious icon for me.
Have you got your Christmas tree up?: Yup, up till midnight we were, trimming it. Just have to add the candy canes and the home-made gingerbread decorations.
What does it look like?: It's a tree. About 7ft tall, pine, sitting on top of a crate. Faingel on top, multi-coloured lights and lots of mismatched decorations, collected one at a time over the years. Nothing very breakable any more on account of the 3 year old. Some strings of white plastic iridescent beads from Poundland that are supposed to evoke popcorn strings (popcorn itself is Just Too Much Like Hard Work) and substitute for tinsel, which I've sort of gone off.
What is your favorite part of it?: Probably the berry lights; we bought one string when we first saw them, and then didn't see them again for years and years until last year, so now we have two strands of 50. They feel terrifically old fashioned to me, although they're actually quite modern. They don't flash.
Do you have an advent calendar?: No. I feel guilty about this, but the children fight over the chocolate kind, they make the pre-Christmas desperate expectation even worse than it would be anyway, and neither of the kids has noticed the lack. We do have Jan Pienkowski's Christmas, which is an advent calendar of the non-disposable kind.
Do you like the nativity story?: Not much in fact.
What are you expecting under the tree?: Nothing very special, in this year when we've had two expensive holidays and bought me a jolly expensive laptop. We've bought ourselves various faunchy stuff, most notably a second-hand iBook which, although it's not a present for me (I'm probably going to wrap it up for Steven), should reduce the strain on the Macs I do use.
Who are you getting presents for?: Lots for the kids, stuff for our various parents, siblings and niblings, and stuff for the Plokta cabal.
Did you believe in Santa when you was younger?: When I was very little; and I carried on in denial for some while long after it had stopped making sense.
Did you leave him mince pies and sherry?: Nope.
Where are you going for Christmas?: My parents'.
Who are you sharing it with?:The four of us, my parents, my brothers and their families.
Are you going to dress up? What will your outfit be?: My mother likes us to dress smart; I'm probably going to wear my purple work suit with a dressier top and jewellery than I wear to work.
Any Christmas parties?: Everyone seems to be having drinkies of some form this week. My division's lunch is Friday, and there's Ministerial drinks on Thursday (so I'll probably be pasted when I reach the Barley Mow)
Are you going to go to church?: Fuck, no. This is an almost-older-than-time midwinter celebration of glorious excess, and don't you forget it.
What is your favorite Christmas movie?: Return of the King.
Who do you want to unwrap this year?: Aragorn or malwen. Or both.
What have you bought for someone that you want?: Nothing I want exactly, but several things I'd be perfectly content if someone bought me, like Tantrix.
Do you have a turkey for Christmas?: Generally; Mum did a goose once but found there were distressingly few leftovers.
Do you watch the Queens Speech?: Mum used to like to, but these days we've never remotely near finished lunch.
Ever kissed anyone under mistletoe?: Mmm mmm.
Red or Green?: Green.
Have you Christmas-ified your bedroom?: Ooh yuck.
When did you first feel Christmassy this year?: This weekend was very bad; my purse was nicked in Asda and my son has a horrid virus. So the day we trim the tree and make our homemade decorations is normally very Christmassy, but I only got odd fleeting moments of that between being Very Glum.

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