Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

War Zone Walthamstow

OK, so the kitchen floor is partly covered by a blue plastic tarpaulin. The home-made play dough is partly on the tarpaulin, partly strewn randomly over the rest of the kitchen, and partly coating Jonathan's previously Nubuck (now a fetching Nubuck / food colouring / play dough shade) shoes. A great many tiny little IKEA beads -- not the whole bottle, thank god; only a few hundred, got spilt over the floor by Jonathan while exploring the kitchen table. But not before he'd dropped many of them into a half-pint of water to see what would happen.

a bottle of 14000 IKEA PYSSLA beads just like Marianne's

What did I think of the Impact Maths homework assignment (Play Dough - shapes and textures) this week? I thought it was bloody messy, thank you.


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