Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

10 random iTunes meme

In celebration that we've just restored much of our iTunes library from backups (not quite all), after some little toerag made off with the hard disk it was stored on.

This is the first ten off the random list, with some comments:

  1. Bert Jansch, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, this comes from a Best-Of that I downloaded from eMusic during the last heady days of the unlimited downloads.
  2. Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor, Eternal Feedback. Who knows how this turned up in the pile? It sounds like it's got a wobble board on it, but I guess it's probably an entirely computerised wobble board. I bet this came from dmw.
  3. The Chieftans, Morgan Magan. The sort of tinkle tinkle plonky thing that gives instrumental folk music a bad name, really. It's like concentrated essence of bad 70s folk TV shows. Actually, the vast majority of the music we have in iTunes has words. Really. I know this is three in a row instrumentals, but it's an aberration.
  4. The Oyster Band, Lost and Found. This was the first Oysterband song I ever heard. I liked it a lot, but they sing it way better now. Actually less than 1% of the songs we have on iTunes are by the Oysterband, so it wasn't even odds on they'd turn up in this list. (That's only because there was quite a lot of Oyster stuff in the last pile we ripped, which wasn't backed up to DVD -- so we have to go get again from the CDs. At present there are 98 Oysterband songs out of a total of 10556).
  5. The Magnetic Fields, I Think I Need a New Heart. One of the 69 love songs, of course. It's just one of the great albums of our time.
  6. Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick, Our Captain Cried All Hands. Off a compilation. Very ballad.
  7. The Cars, Drive. I liked the Cars before Live Aid, ok? I have their first two albums on vinyl somewhere.
  8. Midnight Oil, Best of Both Worlds. Midnight Oil are just a little bit outside my tastes. I adored their huge hit Beds are Burning, but this one feels like journeyman album-fodder to me.
  9. Ian McCulloch, I Know You Well. Candleland is a jolly good album but I don't think this is one of the better tracks.
  10. Steeleye Span, Gone to America. I've liked this song for a long time; I don't suppose Maddy Prior can sing it these days.

Gosh, what an interesting exercise. I feel like doing it again now. I mostly listen to my iPod on Randomly Shuffle Everything mode, I find it a very agreeable way to listen to music.

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