Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

A Meme A Day Helps You Work Rest And Play*

  1. Which 5 LJ friends have you known longest?
    drplokta, groliffe, animoose, vandaaway (half of) and la_marquise_de. I believe I've known all five of them since October 1983; a time longer than the median age of LJ users.
  2. Is/are your significant other/s on LJ?
    Yup, my husband is malwen.
  3. Do you have LJ friends you've never met in real life?
    a few. Maybe 3, not counting famous blogs like mistersleepless and RSS feeds. I don't want to name names, in case they pop up and say "but don't you remember that time at that con where we went for pizza together?"
  4. Do you have friends that you met first on LJ, then in real life?
    Not really. I've been introduced to people in real life by LJ names, who I've seen around commenting on my friends' posts.
  5. Do you discuss personal information in your LJ?
    A little bit. More than on my blog.

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