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A Long Shot
Did anyone happen to take a photo of me at Novacon while I was wearing the irregular black pearl necklace I bought from Chris Donaldson? It was stolen in the burglary and I have exactly no evidence of ownership -- we paid in cash and I haven't got a photo of it.

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Can't you get Chris to email you a receipt or something?

Try to get a receipt or a picture, but most insurance companies allow a lot of leeway on what you have to back up with evidence -- as long as you don't start claiming 5 carat diamond rings from your great-great grandmother.

Might have; will check tonight.

I don't, sorry. Would recommend emailing Sorensen if you haven't already - he normally has dozens of shots from every convention evening. Good luck.

Panic's over, really. I'd been working myself up into a veritable tizzy with the loss adjuster coming round -- but in fact he confirmed that they don't expect you to be able to produce receipts or other evidence for everything. He was very nice really, but it will take a few weeks to sort out our claim while they get quotes for everything. (I wonder whether they'll undercut what I managed on the Internet this morning?)

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