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Oh yeah, well, that's a big surprise...
via replyhazy: What Peanuts Character Am I?

You are Lucy!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
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I expected to be Lucy but turned out to be Woodstock. Go figure.

Apropos of nothing here: so I go for years without sending you a LoC and get my Ploktas without fail, then I get a bad conscience and send you two LoCs in rapid succession and you promptly drop me off the mailing list? What's with that? As operant conditioning goes, you may be reinforcing the wrong response.

?? Hmm. Let me check...

No, we definitely haven't dropped you off the mailing list...

but perhaps we don't have the right address...

do you want to email me & we'll sort it out...

Against all odds, I am Schroeder, not Lucy.

I've been Linus in the school play so I don't need to do the test.

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