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What I did on my holidays
(copied from green_amber's comment thread, because some of you might be interested).

We didn't go to Eastercon, because we didn't believe the con committee would be able to deliver a convention that would be enjoyable for a family to attend. Instead, we went to Center Parcs at, Oasis Whinfell Forest. With Tibs and Joan WANOLJ and all the children. It was lovely; we are all exhausted.

I ache all over, not least because I fell off my bike on Sunday in the most pathetic fashion imaginable (couldn't get left foot out of toeclip on stopping, a classic April error). Owls! Hawks! 3d photography (lots). Red squirrels (rather more than I had been led to believe were left in England). Pony rides. Log fires. Forest walks. Swopping children to provide all the grownups with spa sessions. Tons of swimming. Marianne couldn't swim on Friday and was learning breast stroke this morning, her doggy paddle being judged more than adequate. Jonathan went down the kiddies water slide at least 500 times *while I was watching*. Easter egg hunts (of course). Early nights for grownups due to complete battery discharge.

Both these photos are one half of a stereo pair, much like nearly every famous Victorian photo you've ever seen.

Alison holding a huge owl

This is me with Buster the Eagle Owl, enormous, placid, and relatively safe for the untrained and nervous.

a slightly blurry Harris hawk moving quite fast

The Harris hawk flying to a glove. The stereo of this is my most-favourite-stereo that I've ever taken.

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am impressed with buster. I would really like to meet an owl like him.

Is Alison giving us the bird? :)

Minicon was Minicon. Unlimited Free Beer, and ladies enjoying the occasional Pink Drink.

As to toeclips. Yep, april error. When you start to ride clipless, you will fall once, as well. My worst: End of the ride. I carefully kick my left foot out, see a rock, put my left back on the pedal (which clips in, of course) to make the quick dodge. Stop the bike and put out my left foot, which doesn't move. Slowly fall over. Laugh. Both feet are still, of course, on the pedals.

I didn't laugh because I bashed my head. No, my helmet was safely hanging up on a peg in the lodge. I had sort of planned to wear it, but I was in a hurry, it was only a five-minute journey (on Center Parcs car-free paved paths), and I forgot. My entire body has that sort of joints-out-of-kilter feeling. Need to do some yoga.

My left toeclip has an irritating habit of tightening itself as I'm riding; I use it very loose as a rule, and keep having to loosen it. Except that I forgot, because it was April and I haven't done it since October. My much-loved 'cycling' shoes (actually cross-trainers) are wearing out and the new ones will probably be clipless.

That is a beautiful wol! The blurry Harris hawk is good, but the wol just takes my breath away...I have a deep fondness for owls - sort of flying cats to my mind.

Bubo bubo... The owls are restless and all that.

Will tell all about eastercon at Ploktamoot over weekend...

Hard to type, pinned to chair by purry grey monster who missed his momma.

The owls are not what they seem?

(Ah nostalgia!)

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