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(no subject)
At 1:45 today I have a promotion interview. I am rarely nervous, but this seems to have got to me.

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Just remember, you're too good for them...

(It's what marypcb tells me before interviews.)

Good luck. (You're in the interview right now, I think: good luck with the promotion.)

Feeling a bit better now

It went sort of ok. The good news is that it's a general board, finding people to do a range of jobs at the next grade, and they want quite a few people. The bad news is that this means (a) the results won't be out for a month while they get round to interviewing everyone, and (b) I'll feel really incredibly stupid if I don't get through.

Re: Feeling a bit better now

It's over now. You have earned a stress-free week and a lot of fun at Damn Fine Con.

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