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Paging greengolux:
If you were going to name your child after a font, which one would it be?

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Based on what I've got on my system:

For a girl: Arial, Lucida

For a boy: Garamond, Marlett

Not for my worst enemy's kid: Comic Sans MS, Haettenschweiler

Haettenschweiler might be a good name for a dog, though -- a German breed, of course.

"Haettenschweiler! What a good dog you are! Oh, look at the cute little kerning of his coat..."

Wow. Second most popular!

I'm not sure if my parents knew that there was a font called Geneva, but then they meet while working for a printing press...

Albertus, Angstrom, Faraday, Lincoln, Linus, Yikatu.

Desdemona, Edda, Floralies, Tuesday, Verdana. There's another girl's one that I can't remember, but it's close to the Comic Sans type font that Asda use.

How about Crack Babies?

Takes me back to my typesetting days !

Literary Reference?

I remember a line from a book or a film which went something like "I never go out with a man named after a city". Anyone remember what it was from? or is it fairly common advice in the US?

Re: Literary Reference?

I've heard never play cards with a man named after a city, but on a Google search it pops up randomly in a few things of different origin so I guess it's just time honoured wisdom.

There's a (surprisingly not that awful) Piers Anthony novel in which one of the plot points is that various people are named after fonts -- there was a woman called Minionette - anyone remember? (I thought it was v clever at the time - now it seems to indicate a staggering collapse of ideas by an author staring at word processor!)

Actually I think it's be nice to name Italian/Swedish twins Palatino and Helvetica..

There's the Charles Dickens rural mayor - Goudy Stout, and the stalking villain, Bradley Hand.

The circus trapeze artists, the Bodoni family.

The mysterious Italian countess, Estrangelo Edessa.

And the futuristic poet, Tempus Sans.

Helvetica. (Matrix Merovingian)

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