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Grabbing an idea from crazysoph; if you're looking for an icon to express the thought that the institution of marriage is strengthened by extending its scope, feel free to grab this one. Or make another one.

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One of our lovely GLBT friends suggested here that "stronger" (and, I suppose, "stronger now") could be done in white?

On the other hand, I picked darker blue and purple than you did.

Crazy(I had a really pertinent comment to go here, which dribbled away as I pursued URLs, *sigh* *sigh again*)Soph

Oh, now I remember...

Sound FX small voice: uhm, what does GIP mean?

Crazy(*sigh* vicitim of another brainfart - I refuse to call them senior moments!)Soph

Re: Oh, now I remember...

Gratuitous Icon Post

I'll skip that one. Ours is precisely the sort of marriage the Right thinks same-sex marriage will lead to.

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