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Plague! Plague!
Chickenpox is rife in Jonathan's nursery; we've been checking him every day for spots, and worrying with every slight snuffle or grumpy morning that he's coming down with it. So we were quite surprised to discover this afternoon that Marianne's got spots all over her back. Either J's had it without noticing, or he'll catch it just as M is ready to go back to school.

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For my 10th birthday Mam and Dad gave me a Spirograph and my sister gave me chickenpox. Calamine lotion is a wonderful thing.

Hope she/they get well soon.

So a Plokta weekend is right out of the question?

Actually, I can't really come out to play until the Spooks is gone, I don't like leaving him alone anymore, he's too fragile, needs his mama.

Hope the sprogs get well soon and don't drive Mummy and Daddy to distraction.

he'll catch it just as M is ready to go back to school

Indeed that's how it's suppose to happen. If it doesn't work this way you should demand your money back.

Argh! Just don't let either of them get too much sun until it's all over.

Sunburned skin gets far, far, far more lesions. My poor brother had more pox per square inch than the rest of us had per square foot!

But getting it at a young age is far better than getting it as an adult.

Best wishes to the whole family

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