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Free Stuff 1
OK, we're having a clearout. If you'd like any of this stuff, ask, first come first served. You'll have to work out how we can unite you with our Unnecessary Stuff™. We'll probably tip/charity shop anything remaining after a few days. Update: All now gone or gone to charity except that we do still have excess fanzines and are willing to entertain options for getting rid of them.

A Creative blasterkeys (musical) 49 key fullsize keyboard. No hammer action or anything; this is a cheap keyboard. This appears to work without drivers in PCs with Creative soundcards, and it doesn't (and didn't) come with drivers. It works from the MIDI/joystick port of a PC.

A Jessops lens case for a medium size telephoto lens (no lens; I used this for my stereo APS camera, back before they made small videocam bags that were the right size for a twin rig). Unzips both ends, no other key features.

A travel cot. Very well used and therefore grubby. Could probably be cleaned.

Two disposable Kodak film cameras, use by 7/04. No flash, strictly for sunlight. These look pretty damn square, so if you want to try out the world's cheapest stereo rig you could grab them and then tape them to a piece of wood.

A random crate full of recent fanzines, apazines and so on. (update: some of which, but not all, is now accounted for)

A case suitable for a small to medium sized notebook computer. We have a big computer that won't fit it.

A television stand for a Sony 28" widescreen TV.

2 belkin network cards, PCI. Not wireless. We needed a 25m network cable, and the cheapest one we could find came with 2 free network cards.

A Psion 3a with a broken hinge.
A Psion 5. It works, but has no stylus and all the paint has peeled off it so it's rather unprepossessing.

1MB Psion flash SSD. Well used but working.

Psiwin for windows.

A Fujifilm FD-A2 floppy disk adapter. If you carry the adapter and the drivers on a floppy disk it allows you to get photos from a SmartMedia card onto almost any PC.

US Robotics 56k external modem. Pretty well unused. Sorry no drivers (but you can get them from the web I'm sure)

Microsoft EasyBall serial mouse. Huge trackball designed for small children. Can be driven by any recent version of Intellipoint I think.

Books. HTML for Dummies Quick Reference Guide.
The Good Beer Guide 2002
The World Almanac 2000

Dupe CDs:

Magnetic Fields: 69 Love Songs Vol. 1 -- we later bought the 3volume set of course.
Oysterband: Deserters (one of their better studio albums).
Festival of Folk: 2 volume Cooking Vinyl sampler, with loads of good tracks from Oysterband, Billy Bragg, Ewan MacColl, June Tabor, Michelle Shocked, Incantation, Goats Don't Shave, Rory McLeod, Tom Robinson and many more.

Dupe DVD: The Complete Bagpuss

Cassette: BBC's Lord of the Rings on cassette. We have this on MP3 now so this is rather superfluous to requirements (and takes up space). Good for the car.

Games (all PC):
Quake III: Arena (only for distribution with Belkin networking products)
Black and White
System Shock II

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
sure, that's fine. Aren't they UK telecom specific? (I have no idea one way or the other).

mmm maple candies mmm

(Deleted comment)
right, then. I'll put it aside for you.

Could I pick up the SmartMedia floppy adaptor at next week's Tun, please?

I would pay cheap postage for a crate of fanzines, and auction them here for fan funds.

OK. From the Royal Mail site, I establish that surface mail is £8.62 for 2kg, and 21p per 50g over that to a maximum of 5kg. From my scales, I establish that we currently have roughly 20kg of fanzines, not all of which are worth leaving on a freebie table, let alone posting to Australia. I will also consult with Brian Ameringen to see what he's using to post books and whether I could buy some postage from him.

Either way, I guess the solution is to send you several optimally sized packages rather than one massive one. Leave it with me.

Clearly we should have sent pmcmurray off with a suitcase full of fanzines.

To others: on the assumption that I will not send dmw an entire crate of fanzines, would other more local fans like some?

Several optimally sized packets would suit me very well. I think the fishlifters arranged something with Brian for us when we were in Texas, and that worked out very well, so this is certainly an avenue worth investigating. I leave it in your capable hands. Thanks.

I'll take the game of Black & White if nobody else is more eager to.

OK, tis yours. Will you be at the Tun?

(Deleted comment)
I am sure there will be people at the Tun who will be at S&M's engagement party, though we don't think we can make it (we'll be out of London in the day, and if it were just us we'd be able to get back, but with kids as well it's just too much). So I will leave the lens case with someone on Thursday.

Can I blag the belkin network cards, the Psions & the 1MB Psion flash SSD please?

Ahah! I see a man who has a houseful of clutter. Will you be at the Tun?

Plus I've found the stylus for the Psion 5 now! So I've put that in as well.

LOTR tapes, for the car, as you say (40 mins to work each way) if they are still up for grabs.

Hang on, is the Magnetic Fields still available? Will glady take, if so.

Music keyboard please!

Can I have the music keyboard please? If it becomes spare to me I'll donate it to the Flying Filk Fund at some future filkcon.

I'll be at the Ton on Thursday (though probably not until 8pm)

And drat about the CDs, too late as usual!

Re: Music keyboard please!

Of course. Though beware it might take some doing to get it working, and it pre-dates the widespread availability of Internet technical support so it's hard to find info about it.

Hi me again. Can I blag the Psiwin for windows & the Quake CD?
Many thanks.

Yes, of course you can -- though you're quite lucky that we were too busy last weekend to take them to the tip as threatened.

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