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Free Stuff 2

More stuff that's free if anyone wants it. Transport/postage to be discussed.

Old games:
PC: Fallout 2
Civilisation: Call to Power

2 wood-and-plastic IKEA CD racks; designed for wall mounting. Each takes 50 CDs.

3.5" HDD aluminium mobile enclosure, USB2.0/Firewire 400. Bought with a particular project in mind (salvaging the HD from a PC) that turned out not to be necessary. Unused.

A pair of B&W DM550 speakers

A Durst C-30 35mm enlarger, theoretically for colour but used only for B&W, colour filters lost.

a set of three juggling moose.

Back issues of Plokta. We currently have a few spare of every issue apart from 23 and 25. To be precise, we have 1-22, 24, 26-31, 6.5, 12.5, and not-quite-Ploktas Trinketry (my first fanzine) and Steelhead (the fanzine half the cabal plus Pam Wells did in Iron Faned at Corflu). Some of these are in very short supply and some we have plenty of. This is in no way correlated to quality. These won't get chucked out if we can't find a home for them, don't worry (and neither will other people's fanzines for that matter). (Note: I'm out of issue 19 at least now, though I believe Steve has a few).

A zip drive if I can find it. Plus probably some zip disks if I can find them.

A set of skis

A Blackburn SX-1 bicycle rack. It's a good rack that's not compatible with our child seat. You'll need bolts to fix it to a bike, or fixings if your bike doesn't have mounting points for a rack.

Some plastic coated steel shelving; I think there are 2 lots of 6ftx3ftx18", each with 6 shelves.

eight spare IVAR shelves; the 90cmx28cm size.

A baby listening set. 2 fixed/mobile units (one for baby & one for parents) plus two chargers.

One dance mat; one of my mats stopped working so I replaced them both. This is one of the mats I had at plokta.con; a thick padded one.

An unused external USB floppy drive suitable for a laptop, or indeed a Mac.

And don't forget the first free stuff list here.

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