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Free Stuff 3: Return of the Tat

Just a few more things, but I thought I'd mention them because this is pretty much the last-chance-before-the-Tun. Much, much more to come. After a week it will all go to the charity shop/tip. Remember tat lists one and two. Update: All Gone Now.

Tat round 3

A "Sixer" six-hole punch for Filofax paper; one of the little ones that has a built-in 6in/15cm ruler and fits inside your Filofax.

Dupe Books:
Divine Endurance -- Gwyneth Jones
What is the Name of this Book? -- Raymond Smullyan
Golden Fool -- Robin Hobb

Dupe CD:
Presto -- Rush (and it was bad the first time)

A set of 6 Draper Budget screwdrivers; 4 flathead, 2 Phillips. No case.

A 24 mm microadjustible bicycle seatpin

Two 'Mirrycle' rear-view cycle mirrors, one new, one used. 'Best cycle mirror you can buy' says Steven, but the catch is that they only work on traditional drop handlebars, of which we have none.

A Palm V + case + charger -- works, but has the classic Palm V dodgy digitiser problem.

A Homer Simpson 'Duff' Gift set -- boxed, unused. Contains a bathroom radio, body wash and (spray) deodorant, and two 'decision dice' with Homeric options. Someone we love keeps giving us Simpsons and/or Wallace & Gromit paraphernalia -- most excessively the completely pointless Simpsons water dispenser with floating 3-eyed fish. Sorry, you can't have that, because it went to the charity shop before we got round to doing the tat clearout.

A Dahle personal rotary trimmer. I think it's a 407, but don't quote me. It's a good solid A4 trimmer, anyway. There is a catch (there's always a catch), which is that the piece of clear plastic that sits by the blade is broken at one end. I think it's likely you could get a replacement for a lot less than the cost of a new trimmer. I wanted functionality that only the new trimmer had -- but in some ways I miss this one; its guidlines are perfectly true, and that's not the case on the one I repleaced it with.

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