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Only a century after people spent their lives in pursuit of universal suffrage, most of us don't bother to vote in local, European and mayoral elections. None of the parties seem right, somehow; politicians have feet of clay, they get embroiled in things we don't believe in. It's all so hard. The elections are complex, the issues are difficult, we're asked to choose between shades of grey.

Exercise your right to vote; if that means choosing the lesser of several evils, or voting tactically, so be it. But don't forget, or think it's pointless.

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As I like to say very loudly as I exit the polling station past party members handing out how to vote cards, "If you can't keep the bastards honest by voting you can at least vote to piss them off." Always good for a laugh that one.

But I do think it's pointless. Local politics is a cartel of old mates, European politics is just silly because as you well know all the real decsions are made inside the Commission or in Ministerial conclaves. I think i'm exercising my right not to vote. i would vote in a Scotish or Westminster parliamnet election. (I would also probably vote if I was in London.)

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